Katakamuna Utahi Kikukuriuta CD CD book connected to the center of the universe

Katakamuna Utahi80 Kikukuriuta CDbook

CD book connected to the center of the universe

Immerse yourself in the world of Katakamuna
Katakamuna is the magic word.
Katakamuna, which has been sealed until now, is made up of 48 characters, and each letter is a power character.

Once you know how to use it, it should be a powerful tool to make your wishes come true.


About Katakamuna Utahi Kikukuriuta CD

Katakamuna Utahi 80 Kikukuriuta is in harmony with Minnehaha, the queen of commercial songs, sung by Hamomiko,

Takashi Kokubo, a leading environmental musician, produced the sound, and it is a miraculous sound spirit.

Please enjoy the world of Katakamuna.


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