Kenkou no Taki

Kenko no Taki

"Kenkou no Taki" is a cold fan that can be used throughout the year with Air Cleaner, humidified in summer and humidified in winter.
In the hot season (the perceived temperature is -3 to 5 °C), it provides just the right cold air so that it is not too cold, so you can feel the natural coolness.
In addition, it is an excellent thing that keeps the humidity in the room in the season when Drying is a problem.


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Kenko no Taki Filter

Kenko no  Taki Filter


Please pay attention

  • Product specifications and designs are subject to change without notice to improve performance.
  • Replacement main filter (Air Cleaner filter) 6,480 yen (tax included) as sold separately.
  • The replacement standard is recommended about once every 6 months.