Katakamuna philosopher's stone High affinity for the human body

Philosopher's Stone

High affinity for the human body

Heal your inner child
「テラヘルツ人工鉱石」と「植物性セラパウダー」 (稲のもみ殻を焼き上げてパウダー状にしたもの)を加えて、丸山先生監修のもと、 「ヤタノカカミ」と「カムナ」図形のパワーをプラスしています。


About Katakamuna philosopher's stone

The energy is stronger than the "Katakamuna Barrel Core" and is released radially.

It is compatible with the human body, and by shaking "Katakamuna philosopher's stone" in daily life, it is effective for health, unity of the body with the mind or inner child (subconscious).


IngredientsSUS304, Polysilicone, Vegetable Terra Powder

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