Katakamuna dragonplate interior

Katakamuna Dragon plate

Katakamuna dragonplate


As an interior that supports health
As an interior that brightens your world and as a refreshing space. Decorate the direction and place to your liking.
The Dragon Plate will work on your subconscious mind and lead you to good luck and health.
- Size: 450×450×40mm
- Weight: about 2.7kg


About Katakamuna dragonplate

There is a sense of luxury with class! Crafts and cloisonne ware

The metal plate has a special enamel process. Enamel is made by baking silica-based vitreous material on a metal surface. It is commonly called enamel, but in English it is called enamel. It combines the durability of both metal and glass, does not undergo chemical changes, and keeps its original clean for a long time. Enamel is used as a craft and is also called cloisonne ware.

Supervised by Doctor of Medicine: Nobuhiro Maruyama

Maruyama Allergy Clinic opened. In addition to Eastern medicine and Western medicine, he works on electromagnetic wave removal therapy and wave fork therapy. It has a reputation for reliable treatment, and its unique treatment has been featured in many health magazines. (Book) "The Secret of Da Vinci Finally Revealed After 500 Years" (Gentosha Renaissance, "Cutting Off the Roots of Atopy" (Honokasha), "Magical Miracle Word Katakamuna" (Seifusha)


IngredientsSteel, enamel

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