About katakamunadragon

Dragons exist in high-dimensional space, but in the three-dimensional space where we live, they may appear as "flows" like the flow of clouds, the flow of wind, and the flow of rivers.

"Flow" is very important, for example, while a river is flowing, the water does not grow mold or rot, but in reservoirs, no matter how much water flows in, it will stagnate because the flow has stopped, and the water will rot.

There is also a flow of energy and luck, and when the flow stops, no matter how much energy you receive, it will stagnate and turn into negative energy.

Katakamuna Dragons will have their own dedicated dragons (My Dragons) when placed on Soba.

Create a flow for you, make the circulation of energy, the circulation of money better... Therefore, it is thought that it has the power to increase inspiration, solve mental and physical problems, improve fortune, etc.

How to use

How to use "Kusuripicture"

(1) The Case of the Katakamuna Dragon

(2) Remove the outer box of the case

(3) Detach the Kusuripicture with scissors

(4) Can be used in a purse or bag


IngredientsPolysilicon, stainless steel

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