Katakamunabarrel Barerukoa powers up



Barerukoa powers up

Creating the World We Want with Our Consciousness
There is a function to change the nature of space by combining right rotation and left rotation to create a new space, and touching the Katakamuna character increases the flow of blood in the prefrontal cortex of the brain
Size: Diameter φ39× height 27mm Weight: 145g

The engraved utahhi represents infinite circulation in the seventh neck, the deep and immeasurable of the finite world. "Miss Marnotama (sphere that creates everything)" can be made around us by the god of "Amamiminakanushi" who created the universe with the seventh poem Katakamuna and the gods of "Takamimushi" and "Kamimimushi". The seventh poem is utahy, the most important of Katakamuna.


About Katakamunabarrel

In the center of Utahy, there is a picogno mark called "Yata-no-Kakami", which is the basis of the Katakamuna script.

The right turn represents men and others, and the left turn represents women and self, and when the front and back are superimposed, they become "Yatanokami" illustrations.

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katakamunabarrelcore 5th

katakamunabarrelcore 5th

The utahy engraved on this Katakamuna barrel core is the fifth neck. Material: SUS304, polysilicon, terra powder Size: 27mm× φ39mm, Weight 145g


katakamunabarrelcore 6th

katakamunabarrelcore 6th

The utahy engraved on this Kakamuna barrel core is the sixth neck. Material: SUS304, polysilicon, terra powder Size: 27mm× φ39mm, Weight 145g


How to use

As a compass for decisions and decisions

When you envision something in your mind, if you feel heavy, you will show "no", and if you feel lightly, you will show "this".

When you want to attract luck

Shake it up and down to connect the heavens and the earth.

Adjusting the waves

Adjust the waves by holding them with your hands

I want to change my body

Relieve muscle tension by stoothing the body


IngredientsSUS304, Polysilicon, Terra Powder

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