Kaminotemasuku To the brain that works vigorously



To the brain that works vigorously

It is a mask that removes static electricity in the upper cervical spine and allows bioelectricity to flow. As a result, you can regain your vitality and vigorous brain, which is always vigorous and vigorous.
Size: 【Main body】Approx. 20×10.5cm (adjustable)


About Kaminotemasuku

Recommended for the following people.

・ I am troubled by various fatigue and discomfort

・I want to regain my energy and maintain my health.

・ For agile movement and clarity of mind

・ Excessive use of eyes on a computer, etc.

・ I want to work hard efficiently in qualification exams and academics

・ I want to improve my intuition


Ingredients【Eye mask】Front: Polyester Back: Cotton Middle: Ceramic charcoal sheet 【Static elimination material】2 copper wire bases 2 pieces each, black eye 2 pieces, corydora 2 pieces, ring coil 2 pieces 【Coating agent】Epoxy resin

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