Gizania shampoo R 100% natural raw material

Jizania shampooR

Gizania shampoo R

100% natural raw material

Super Mild Shampoo
It is recommended for the person of the hair quality which is thick and cannot be settled by a thick, fluffy hair.
It is finished in supple and calm hair.


About Gizania shampoo R

Fatty acid system derived from natural oils and fats that do not contain the specified ingredients ( old method ] amino acid system, betaine-based cleaning agent seaweed extract , mink oil, natural moisturizing ingredients such as squalene and hair protective ingredients such as Collagen.

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How to use

Pour sweat and dust in hot water, and use the palm of your hand to gently beat shampoo, which is about 500 yen, with the rub of hair.

(2) Leave the bubbles for more than 4-5 minutes, the point is to penetrate the protein active ingredient into the hair and skin.

Because the dirt becomes a bubble and flows quickly, rinsing is light and the shower is enough in about 10 seconds.


Product TypeShampoo
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsCocamidopropyl betaine, flavoring, citric acid, ascorbic acid, cocoil methyl taurine Na (coconut oil fatty acid + oyster meat, etc.), licorice extract, hetima extract, hop extract, hibamata extract, peach leaf extract, magwa root peel extract, chicken leaf extract, otogiri extract, augong extract, zenia oi extract, seiyo nogigioil extract, hammelis extract, Melissa extract, rosemary extract, maple flower extract, cape aloe extract, murasaki root extract, othane carrot extract, mink oil, hydrolyzed collagen (sakana), hatwheat oil, squalene, hydrolyzed elastin (sakana), mcomo fermentation extract, glyceryl lauric acid, palm fatty acid glyceryl, agez extract (polyphenols, flavonoid-containing), adipic acid acid , Ethanol (fermentation)