Jizaniarinsu Ingredients Treatment

Gizania rinse G 300ml


Ingredients Treatment

100% ultra-mild rinse of natural ingredients
Recommended for those with easy-to-damage hair quality!
It prevents hair, hair cuts, and branches, and leads to healthy and beautiful hair.


About Jizaniarinsu

It does not contain a specified ingredient, and the emollient component derived from natural oils and fats contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as orizanol and purple root extract, and hair protective ingredients such as Collagen. Squalene and mink oil protect against drying and stimulation.

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Gizania rinse G 1000ml

Gizania rinse G 1000ml


How to use

(1) Rinse the wet hair after Shampoo with a 10-yen ball of rinse.

(2) Leave it for at least 3 minutes and let it penetrate.

(3) Rinsing is light and shower suffices in about 5 seconds!

Please pay attention

  • Do not store in places exposed to extreme high temperatures or direct sunlight. Because it does not contain artificial preservatives, be careful not to include rinsed water in the container.


Product TypeRinse
IngredientsWater, glycerin, coconut alcohol, fragrance, citric acid, ascorbic acid, agez extract, hetima extract, hop extract, hibamata extract, peach leaf extract, magwa root peel extract, biwa leaf extract, seiyotogirisaw flower / leaf / stem extract, au Gonroot extract, Zeniaoi flower extract, seiyo sawori oil extract, hammelis extract, melissa leaf extract, licorice extract, rosemary extract, tocopherol, kamitsure flower extract, cape aloe extract, murasaki root extract, oonecarrot root extract, Mink oil, hydrolyzed collagen (sakana), orizanol, hatomgi oil, squalene, hydrolyzed elastin (sakana), bacillus / macomo leaf fermentation extract