Gizania mildscrub Facewashing to arrange while dropping

Jizania mildscrub

Gizania mildscrub

Facewashing to arrange while dropping

Preventacne, too.
昭和初期から多くの皆様に愛用されている健康Health beverage「まこも」から生まれた成分を使用した「Gizania mildscrub」は無添加で皮膚にやさしいFacewashing料です。


About Gizania mildscrub

Removes dirt from old and deep pores to prevent acne and acemo.

It is a facewashing fee that is gentle on the skin with out-of-charge with all allergy factors removed.

It can be used for daily face and body care.

It is also recommended for Drying prevention.


Product TypeFace wash
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsWater, cocoil methyl taurine Na, hydrogenated coconut oil, coconut alcohol, corn cox, ascorbic acid, cocoil methyl alanine Na, fragrance, ethanol (fermentation), aged extract, hetima extract, hop extract, hibuta extract, peach leaf extract , Magwa root skin extract, loquat leaf extract, otogiri sou extract, ogon extract, Zenia o'oei extract, japanese saw saw extract, hamamelis extract, melissa extract, rosemary extract, licorice extract, chamomile flower extract, Cape aloe extract, Murasaki root extract, Panax carrot extract, sage leaf extract, tocopherol, mink oil, hydrolyzed collagen (Sakana), wheat oil, squalene, hydrolyzed elastin (Sakana), Na chloride, citric acid, Macomo fermented extract