Ionis Gel Water Beauty Gel

Ionis Gel Water 1000ml

Ionis Gel Water

Beauty Gel

Special plant extracts and trehalose
It is a beauty gel made by blending special plant extracts using three kinds of plants, "Itadori", "Persimmon leaves", and "Yomokogi", which are native to Japan and have been familiar since ancient times.
We recommend that you use it as a set with "FE Aura".

A versatile lotion that can be used with peace of mind regardless of whether it is a baby or a male woman.


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Ionis Gel Water 1000ml 2set

Ionis Gel Water 1000ml 2set

A set of 2 points


Ionis Gel Water Mini 30ml

Ionis Gel Water Mini 30ml


How to use

Take Ionis Gel Water into FE Aura and make sure your skin is soaked in the gel so that it penetrates.

(Of course, you can use it as a Skin Lotion.) )


Product Typecosmetics
IngredientsWater, glycerin, oyster leaf extract, mugwort extract, weasel extract, trehalose, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, carbomer, potassium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol

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