iLiR Direct C W block the cause of stains and dullness

iLiR Medicated Vitamin C 5g 3pcs

W block the cause of stains and dullness

The all-new Beaty Fluid
"vitaminC" is effective for almost all of beautiful skin care.
Delivers oxidizing vitaminC to your skin as it is fresh.
By continuing to use it every day, it has a lively white skin that shines!

1 true contents / 5g


About iLiR Direct C

Antioxidant ingredient "vitaminC" is said to be the king of beauty ingredients.

"vitaminC" is about freshness and oxidizes as soon as it is mixed with moisture. Therefore, by encapsulating by our own manufacturing method and confining it in the microcapsules with moisturizing ingredients, it is possible to deliver it to the skin in a fresh state.

It is a mysterious and fun feeling that the microcapsules can be played by simply pressing the powder lightly and turn into a liquid.

How to use

In "Medicated Whitening Direct C", the microcapsules play when pressed by hand, and the vitamin inside comes out. Constipation, since it changes to liquid when pressure is applied, it is subspared into small bottles so that it can not be played in the container. If you apply it to the entire face, use one by one month is a guide. One dose is about half a teaspoon.

(1) Put "Medicated Whitening Direct C" in the palm of your hand little by little.

(2) Press lightly once with your finger.

(3) As it is, apply to the face with your fingertips.

Apply to all faces every morning and evening by steps (1) to (3).


Product TypeQuasi-drugs
Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredients[Active Ingredients] 3-O-ethylascorbic acid, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate [Other components] Water, silicicic anhydride, methylpolysiloxane, L-arginine, trimethyl glycine, 1,3-butylene glycol, concentrated glycerin, alkyl citric acid, squalane, methylsiloxane reticulated polymer

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