iLiR Bio Solution Moisture serum Penetrates skin so that moisturizing ingredients melt

iLiR Bio Solution Moisture serum

Penetrates skin so that moisturizing ingredients melt

A gem that can pursue beauty
Moisturizes the skin from the core, strengthens the skin barrier, repairs damage.
Beaty Fluid improves stains, wrinkles, Stretch, Drying, acne, Pores opening and sagging eyes.
It penetrates melts and revives your skin.


Please pay attention

  • Please keep it in a cool and dark place.


IngredientsAll ingredients: water, triethylhexanoin, BG, glycerin, glyceryl (ethylhexanoic acid / stearic acid / adipinic acid), pentylene glycol, water-soluble proteoglycan, suizendinoli polysaccharide, mandarin orange peel extract, cyanocobalamin, cerebroside, ascorbyl glucoside, glycyrrhizinate 2K, siroklg jellyfish polysaccharide, ceramide NG, ceramide NG, Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, cyclic lysophosphatidate Na, brown sugar extract, plkenetia borbilis seed oil, DPG, lactobacillus / pear juice fermented liquid, lactobacillus / grape juice fermented liquid, isolytic sugar, maltodextrin, dextrin, hydrolyzed okra seed extract, hyaluronate Na, saccharomyces soluble extract, propanediol, arge extract, Sucrose dilaurate, sucrose bicarbonate, silver, cocoyl glutamate, tri (caprylic acid / capric acid) glyceryl, retinol, daisies flower extract, sorbitan laurate, pea extract, corkedas tree bark extract, nanbank sa fuji seed extract, Lychee peel extract, termineria ferdinandian fruit extract, arnica flower extract, peach leaf extract, Tormentila root extract, himefuro extract, ougon root extract, acetyl dipeptipe-1 cetyl, amamo extract, green snow lily flower extract, amachazuru leaf extract, aloe vera leaf extract, platinum, cha leaf extract, bilberry leaf extract, tocopherol, acetylhexapeptide-51 amid, glucosylultin, oligopeptide-24, Capro Oil Tetrapeptide-3, Dextran, Oligopeptide-6, Hexapeptide-3, Hexapeptide-9, Polyglyceryl Stearate-10, Acrylates/ Alkyl Acrylate (C10-30)) Crosspolymer, Xanthan Gum, K Hydroxide, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Ethidronate 4Na, Cellulose Gum