Hot Stone Stone hottie chin in the range

Renji de Chin Suru Ganban

Hot Stone

Stone hottie chin in the range

Just chin in the microwave for about 1 minute to create a handy hottie that emits far infrared rays. It is a stone hottie using Aura Stone as it is.
The contents of a set: 2 dedicated covers (1 cotton bag, 1 heat-resistant polyester bag) 1 high-grade Mouton cover, 1 aluminum cushion sheet.
In addition, because it is a natural stone, there is individual difference in the weight size pattern etc.

Size: 4×8×10.5cm, Weight: About 680g Set includes: 1 dedicated cover (1 cotton bag), 1 silicone stone grab


About Hot Stone

Aura Stone has the property that the temperature rises to nearly 70°C in only about 60 seconds when microwaved. You can use this Aura Stone instead of a hot water bottle or directly apply it to the part you are worried about, and it exerts a far-infrared effect and warms the body from the core.

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How to use

Make sure there are no stains in the microwave oven and heat it while putting it in the included inner bag. In the case of a household microwave oven (around 600W), "3 ~ 5 minutes" is recommended.

※ Excessive heating may damage the cover and stones, so do not overheat.

Renji de Chin Suru Ganban

In the case of a household microwave oven (around 600W), "60 ~ 90 seconds" is recommended.


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