Shinjyunohitoshizuku Akoya Pearl Pendant


Akoya Pearl Pendant

The brilliance of being born
A "holeless" raw pearl pendant that is unique as a pearl jewelry and has no holes. Among the Akoya pearls from Ise-Shima, we will deliver "shinju" with exceptional luster and beauty.

The length of the string can be adjusted by pulling the end.


About Shinjyunohitoshizuku

A pendant that gives you the power to face your true self obediently and accept even your inner strength and weakness.

Please pay attention

  • ※ Borosili kate glass (blown glass) of the head part is strong and has excellent heat resistance, but please refrain from using it at bedtime or bathing to avoid damage and deterioration.
  • ※ Perfume or audecolon may cause stains on pearls. Hairspray etc. will adhere dust, so be sure to wear it after makeup.
  • ※ Because the main component of pearl is Calcium, it is characterized by its weak acidity. When cooking, please be careful not to enter the glassware when using vinegar, dressing, fruit juice, lemon juice, etc. It can also dull the gloss.
  • * If the pearl touches the acid, wet the cotton swab with water, wipe it tightly and wipe it evenly, then wipe off the moisture completely with a dry cotton swab.

  • [Things that should not be close to pearls]
  • Sweat, acid, fat, cosmetic cream, hairspray, manicure, light remover, insect repellent (naphthaline, etc.), chlorine detergent, hot spring, ultraviolet rays, shock, fire (900 °C or higher)


Ingredients[main body] raw beads: ise-shima (Ago Bay) pearls ・ Hemp: Japanese cannabis string from Tochigi Prefecture ・ Top part: Boroshiriate glass ・ Metal part: K18 (75.0%) [Accessories] Yoshino cedar (cosmetic box) from Nara Prefecture, Hemp 100% batting (cushion material) ・ Hemp 100% handmade Mino Washi paper