Hitomi Uruou Formulated with Senri Ikuri

Hitomi Uruou 60pcs

Hitomi Uruou

Formulated with Senri Ikuri

Eye care prevention that does not lose to personal computers
It is a Supplement that contains plenty of bilberry extract rich in anthocyandin and lutein that protects it from artificial ULTRAVIOLET rays.
100% large bilberry seeds grown in northern Europe, and 100 kingberry extracts are blended.


About Hitomi Uruou

It is a supplement that helps prevent eye care for children and the elderly who feel hazed by smartphone and PC operation, and for middle-olds and elderly people.

The capsules are smaller and easier to drink.

How to use

In order to maintain daily health, divide this product into 1-2 times a day with 2 pitches a day and enjoy it with water or hot water.

Please pay attention

  • Avoid direct sunlight, keep it closed and stored in a cool place with little moisture.


Product Typefoodstuff
IngredientsGelatin, bilberry extract, plant extract (fruit of 枸杞, sadako girl, saenko, chrysanthemum flower, Seiakeko, Kuramaeboko), microcrystalline cellulose, yam, starch, earthworm lyophilized powder, edible essential oil essential oil oil, marigold pigment, dunariella carotene, gardenia red β-carotene