Highquality magnesium Water-soluble magnesium

High concentration magnesium

Highquality magnesium

Water-soluble magnesium

Mineral Food magnesium, which is a problem that is popular with modern Japanese people, can be easily replenished at the table.
Ultra-high concentrations of magnesium: sodium = 73:1 have been achieved.


About Highquality magnesium


Highquality magnesiumを毎日の健康維持にお役立て下さい。

How to use

The standard of the day is to mix 10 to 20 drops (about 1 to 2 ml) into the drink, and you can easily replenish magnesium.

● 3 drops in drinking water

● 3 drops on coffee, Blacktea, alcohol

● 3 drops in Miso juice

● When cooking rice, 3 drops per combination

You can also use it by devising various other things.


Product Typefoodstuff
IngredientsSaltwater lake sodium chloride liquid (salt water mineral liquid), magnesium chloride