Hemp Socks TABI Socks containing EM

Em Hemp Socks Kinari Tabi type

TABI Socks containing EM

Tabi-type Socks with excellent moisture absorption and divergence
Socks using hemp (hemp) with excellent moisture absorption and divergence. It also has moisturizing power and keeps the foot comfortable in winter.

Color: Generate Size: 22-24cm, 24-27cm


About Hemp Socks

Health from the ground up with the EM™ effect... We use special technology in EM™ socks that consider health and contain EM•X. EM•X is made from natural products, and in addition to various mineral foods, it contains abundant substances necessary for health maintenance such as vitamin and amino acids. In addition, it is said to promote health by enhancing human immunity. ※ We refuse returns after use. Thank you for your understanding.

Size: 22cm~24cm, 24cm~27cm

※ Special processing of anti-slip is done on the sole of the foot.


Product Typesock
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsHemp, cotton, polyester, polyutane

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