HEATRAY premium rock bath quilt single Feels like a peach

HEATRAY premium rock bath quilt double

Feels like a peach

It will lead you to a comfortable sleep.
"HEATRAY Premium Bedrock Bath Comforter" provides a comfortable sleeping environment that is one rank higher with the theme of good temperature and good sleep.

Use a peach skin with a pleasant touch on the front and back fabrics.
It uses a soft and moist texture material with a feel like the touch of a peach.
Compared to conventional comforters, the contact temperature sensitivity is also improved, leading to a more comfortable sleep.

Two sizes are available: single (45,600 yen (excluding tax) and double (63,600 yen (excluding tax).


About HEATRAY premium rock bath quilt single

Happy features ● Warm firmly with heat storage effect ● Electricity cost is 0 yen ● It is hard to get dirty even if it is warm ● Far infrared rays exert power ● There is natural antibacterial properties ● Natural deodorizing properties