Heatraypremiumpad Warm temperature, good sleep

HEATRAYPremiumbedrockpad single

Warm temperature, good sleep

Peach skin with a comfortable touch is used for the front and back fabrics.
It adopts a material with a soft and moist texture that feels like the touch of a peach.
With the theme of good temperature and good sleep, we will provide a comfortable sleep environment that is a step up.
Compared to the previous Mattresspad, the contact temperature sensitivity is also improved, and it invites you to sleep more comfortably.
On the back side, there is a retaining rubber.

■Size: 100×200cm ■Weight: Gross weight 1.35kg


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HEATRAYPremiumbedrockpad Double

HEATRAYPremiumbedrockpad Double

■Size:140×200cm ■Weight: Gross weight 1.9kg



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