HaMericTablet Miyakojima spring Turboic condensed into a single grain



Miyakojima spring Turboic condensed into a single grain

In general, autumn Turboic is popular as Turboic, but in Okinawa, autumnTurmeric has been differentiated as edible and spring Turmeric is medicinal since ancient times.
Miyakojima spring Turboic is condensed into one grain.


About HaMericTablet

Spring Turboic, the raw material for this product, is grown without using any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or compost.

The width of the ridge, the ridge length, the depth of planting, the inter-planted area, etc. are judged by each field, and each seed is managed so that each seed can grow firmly and powerfully. It is a very simple cultivation method, but because of its simplicity, the actual cultivation management is very difficult.

The resulting spring Turmeric is slightly smaller than the regular Spring Turboic. It is a spring Turmeric that tightly condenses the charm of Miyako Island, with 100% of the soil rich in Mineral Food derived from miyakojima coral.

Contents: 42 g (280mg×150 tablets)

How to use

Take 5 tablets a day without chewing with water or white water.

Please pay attention

  • How to store: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.
  • After opening, tighten the lid tightly, store, and enjoy as soon as possible.


IngredientsSpring turmeric powder (manufactured in Japan), edible fats and oils, reduced maltose starch syrup, Miyako bidenspirosa extract powder, starch / stearic acid Ca, fine silicon oxide, processed starch