Gizania shampoo y Ultra Mild Shampoo

Gizania ShampooY 300ml

Gizania shampoo y

Ultra Mild Shampoo

100% natural raw materials
Recommended for soft hair that does not have Stretch or firm hair, thin hair, fine hair and no energy! It is finished in firm and smooth hair.


About Gizania shampoo y

Contains fatty acid-derived fatty acid- acid, amino acid, and betaine-based cleaning agents that do not contain specified ingredients (old method), natural-derived moisturizing ingredients such as magwa root skin extract and chamomile extract, and hair protein components such as elastin and Collagen.

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Gizania shampooY rinseG 1000ml set

Gizania shampooY rinseG 1000ml set

Set of "Gizania shampoo y 1000ml" and "Jizaniarinsu 1000ml".


Gizania ShampooY rinse G 300ml

Gizania ShampooY rinse G 300ml

Set of Gizania shampoo y 300ml and Jizaniarinsu 300ml.


Gizania shampooY 1000ml 3set

Gizania shampooY 1000ml 3set

Gizania shampoo y 1000ml set of 3.


How to use

(1) Shed sweat and dust with hot water, do not rub Shanpoo about 500 yen with the belly of your finger, use the palm of your hand, gently whisk with friction between hair and hair.

(2) It is important to leave the foam for more than 4 to 5 minutes and penetrate the protein active ingredient into the hair and skin.

(3) Dirt becomes foam and flows "quickly", so rinsing is light and the shower is enough for about 10 seconds.


Product Typecosmetics
IngredientsWater, cocamid propyl betaine, glycerin, fragrance, citric acid, ascorbic acid, cocoyl methyl alanine Na, licorice extract, age extract, gouthema extract, hop extract, hibamata extract, peach leaf extract, magwa root skin extract, leaf leaf extract, bitter leaf extract, googlia flower / leaf / stem extract, goon root extract, zeniaoi flower extract, sawfish gilis tree extract, Hamamelis extract, melissa leaf extract, rosemary extract, chamomile flower extract, cape aloe extract, murasaki root extract, panax ginseng root extract, mink oil, hydrolyzed collagen (sacana), wheat oil, squalene, hydrolyzed elastin (sacana), bacillus / macomo leaf fermented extract

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