Gizania beauty oil S Beauty Fluid & Nourishing Cream Effects

Gizania beauty oil S

Gizania beauty oil S

Beauty Fluid & Nourishing Cream Effects



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Product Typecosmetics
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsSqualene, ethanol (fermentation), orizanol, tocopherol, water, loquat leaf extract, loofah extract, cape aloe extract, magwa root skin extract, peach leaf extract, hibamata extract, senkyu extract, hop extract, age zitz extract, licorice extract, kina extract, comfrey leaf extract, extract of tokyo, bucrose extract, otogilisou extract, lavender extract, Chamomile flower extract, panax ginseng extract, ougon extract, arnica extract, odorikoso extract, Dutch garasi extract, burdock root extract, japanese kizka extract, garlic extract, red pine bulb extract, rosemary extract, roman chamomile flower extract, macomo fermented extract

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