Gizania beauty essence S Beauty Fluid aims to climb one rank

Gizania beauty essene 30ml

Gizania beauty essence S

Beauty Fluid aims to climb one rank

Long-lasting moisturizing
Skin Lotion, latex. Beauty Fluid's three effects allow you to feel the stretch and pull-pull feeling of your skin for a long time from the moment you use it. Excellent moisturizing ingredients such as elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen keep moisture. Placenta extract and licorice extract give a sense of transparency to the skin and lead to beautiful skin.


About Gizania beauty essence S

"Gizania beauty essence S" using ingredients born from health health beverage "Makomo" which has been loved by many people since the early Showa era is an additive-free and skin-friendly Beauty that removes all allergic factors Fluid. It is the best Beauty Fluid for those who are not satisfied with their daily care, and always aim for skin higher than one rank.

Zizania UV Cut Essen

How to use

After 1Facewashing, pick up 1 to 2 enemies with moisture left and warm with both hands.

(2) Gently hold the face gently around the entire palm of your hand.

The wrinkled eyes and mouth are recommended to be stretched to pull on top and painted twice.


Product TypeCosmetics
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsWater, glycerin, ethanol (fermentation), placenta extract (pig), licorice extract, flavoring, hyaluronic acid Na, citric acid, ascorbic acid, komoru leaf extract, loquat leaf extract, hetima extract, Cape aloe extract, magwa root skin extract, Peach leaf extract, Hibamata extract, Senkyu extract, hop extract, aged extract, kina extract, sugar extract, bukuryo extract, Otogirisou extract, chamomile flower extract, Panax carrot extract, Murasaki root extract, lavender extract, Ogon extract, hydrolyzed collagen (Sakana), hydrolyzed elastin (Sakana), Arnica extract, Odoricosou extract, Dutch galashi extract, burdock root extract, japanese wood pectorextract, garlic extract, red pine bulb fruit extract, Rosemary extract, Roman chamomile flower extract, Macomo fermented extract