Gaias chip Can be applied directly to stiffness and pain

Gaias chip

Gaias chip

Can be applied directly to stiffness and pain

The Gaias chip is also attached to the Gaias Multiband. With the attached adhesive tape, it can be applied directly to the affected area with stiffness or pain, or to the area of concern on the body.

The attached adhesive tape is a figure devised by Dr. Maruyama that enhances life energy printed with somachit and terahertz ore. By using it in combination with chips, it enhances its action.


About Gaias chip

Material: ・Chip: Nylon, Polyester (Internal parts: Multi-layer Maruyama type coil (copper wire), Mobius (derived from ferrite), Ferrite / Adhesive tape: Nonwoven tape, ceramic

Size: ・Tip: Approx. 58×43×5mm・Square seal: Approx. 56×56mm

Quantity: Chip: 1, Square seal: 2


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