Gaianeck Warms the neck and relieves the problem of cold

Maruyama-gaianek S size

Warms the neck and relieves the problem of cold

Gaianeck firmly supports geomagnetic deficiencies
Maruyama Allergy Clinic Developed by Dr. Nobuhiro Maruyama!
"Gaianeck" firmly supports the lack of geomagnetism in modern people.

Size: Approx. 50×4cm (Snap position (1) 44.5cm (2) 47cm)


About Gaianeck

"Energize people" is the concept of "Gaianeck".

The Earth is a huge N pole S pole magnet. It is said that this magnetic force (geomagnetism) has kept us alive for hundreds of millions of years.

Without that geomagnetic field, humanity might not have existed...

It is believed that modern people are suffering from a serious geomagnetic shortage.

"I'm not sick, but I'm not feeling well" may be a sign of a lack of geomagnetic field.

"Gaianeck" firmly supports such a lack of geomagnetism.

It is a winter-friendly nep fabric.

※What is NEP fabric ...

It is a fabric made by intertwining fibers with thread knots on the surface.

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Maruyama-gaianek L size

Maruyama-gaianek L size

When wearing size L, it is a few centimeters below the collarbone and can be hidden in clothing. Size: Approx. 58×4cm (Snap position (1) 55cm (2) 57cm)


Please pay attention

  • ・Please note that the color of this product may fade due to sweat, water, friction, etc.
  • ・After dehydration, do not leave it and dry it in the shade as soon as possible.
  • ・When wearing, be careful of friction or snagging with rough surfaces such as belts and bags.
  • ・Necklaces may cause fraying, so we recommend that you wear them after wearing.
  • ・ It is easy to get caught with other things, so it is recommended to wash it with a net.
  • ・If you use a Drying machine, it may shrink.
  • ・Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • ・ Please do not wear it except for the included snap.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsFabric: 56% cotton, 22% acrylic, 22% polyester Filling: Polyester (20% ferritic ceramic blend)

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