Fusigi na Felt 体の疲れたところや冷えるところに

Fusigi na Felt

Fusigi na Felt


This warmth in an instant
It is a felt containing Aura Stone that can be cut freely with scissors. You can cut and use according to the application.
Size: 30×50cm


About Fusigi na Felt

It is a felt using aura fiber produced from a deep-sea submarine volcano, which is finely powdered with natural ore (Aura Stone) that generates a large amount of far infrared rays and kneaded with a very high content. It is far infrared fiber processing with a content that far exceeds the limit of the content of far infrared radiation materials so far.

* Returns after use are not allowed. Please understand in advance.

How to use

If you have stiff shoulders or low back pain, please lay it on a futon so that you can hit the place where you are interested or cool, or use it so that it hits your skin directly.

If you are interested in your knees, cut them into appropriate sizes in the supporters and pinch them.

If you cannot sleep at night, please use it so that it hits your neck and shoulders.

If you are cold, pinch it in stmachiband or warm your stomach.

If you have a sore or cold toe, roll it around your calf or hit it directly.


Country of manufacturemade in Japan

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