Fusigi na Felt In the tired or cold of the body

Fusigi na Felt

Fusigi na Felt

In the tired or cold of the body

This warmth in an instant
It is a fult containing Aura Stone that can be cut freely with scissors. You can cut and use according to the application.
Size: 30×50cm


About Fusigi na Felt

深海の海底火山から生まれた、遠赤外線を多量に発生する天然鉱石(Aura Stone)を微粉末加工し、非常に高い含有量で練りこませたオーラ繊維を使用したフェルトです。今までの遠赤外線放射物質の含有率の限界をはるかに凌ぐ含有率の遠赤外線繊維加工です。


How to use







Country of manufacturemade in Japan
Ingredients100% polyester (contains natural ore aura stone)

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