Fukuzaifucovoer Support for fortune up



Support for fortune up

It is a cover for the wallet developed to increase the fortune of the wallet that I carry every day. In addition to carrying your usual wallet in a dream, it is devised so that you can use it to take out your wallet after returning home and put it on the dream and rest it. This will help you heal your fatigue by eliminating the misfortune of your wallet and increase your luck for the next day.


About Fukuzaifucovoer

It is a wallet cover that removes the misfortune of an important wallet and supports the fortune up, which was made under the supervision of Nobuhiro Umehara, a Yamatoi researcher who has been teaching that wallets are "mobile shrines" where gods come down in "Yamato-i" that has been transmitted to Nara for a long time.

Size: About 15×24.2cm

There are some differences in hand-spinning, hand-sewing, hand-embroidery, etc., for handmade one point at a time.

※Hand washable.

※ You can use it not only as a wallet, but also as a goshuin book, mother and child notebook, passbook, business notebook case (within A5 size).


Ingredients100% cotton (using naturally cultivated cotton and hand-spun yarn)