FUF Sheet Body activation

FUF Sheet S Size

FUF Sheet

Body activation

Fabric sheet kneaded with FUF Powder.
Surface: Gray / Back: White


About FUF Sheet

Fabric sheet containing activated ceramic and organic Fineral Food. The FUF belt has been increased so that it can be used over a wider range.

Far infrared rays and weak energy that activate everything are emitted from the sheet and warm up from the core of the body, so it activates energeticly.

It can be used for various purposes such as laying on futons and sofas, kneeling as blankets, and easily creating an unpleasant siloti environment by laying it under a carpet.

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FUF Sheet L Size

FUF Sheet L Size

- As if it is a blanket! Poka Poka to the inside of the body! - In the far infrared effect, warm from the core of the body! - I soften the coolness which comes from the floor when I lay it under the carpet and the rug.


FUF Sheet LL 200mm-100mm

FUF Sheet LL 200mm-100mm



IngredientsNylon, polyester, special active ceramic, organic mineral

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