FUF Plate Super-powerful revitalization of ingredients

FUF Plate L size

FUF Plate

Super-powerful revitalization of ingredients

This ceramic plate contains special active ceramics and organic Mineral Food.

[size] 22.5×36.5×1.5cm


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FUF Plate S size

FUF Plate S size

- Emit far infrared rays and weak energy, and when you put it in at the time of simmered food or rice cooking, both rice and water are activated! ● Rice is cooked plump and deliciously so that each grain stands. ● Please use 3 pieces for 5 pairs of rice, oil, etc., and 3 sheets for 5 people for boiled food. [size] diameter about 4cm× thickness about 0.5cm, 5 pieces


FUF Plate S 2pcs

FUF Plate S 2pcs

Two sets of points are advantageous



IngredientsSpecial activated ceramics

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