5GOLightningWHITE Easy electromagnetic wave blocking!


Easy electromagnetic wave blocking!

Just plug it into your smartphone!
Just plug it into your smartphone to turn noise electromagnetic waves into electromagnetic waves that are beneficial to your body!
【Equipment that can be used】... iOS smartphones, tablets, etc.

* This product is de-energized. After connection, the appliance does not recognize this product and does not have a lifespan.


About 5GOLightningWHITE

You can easily use this product by simply connecting the Lightning connector of this product to a smartphone, tablet, etc. equipped with iOS.

・ To connect to a smartphone or tablet device that does not have a Lightning port, please use the conversion connector (sold separately) before using.

・Depending on the shape of the cover of the smartphone, etc., it may not be possible to connect completely. In that case, remove the cover before use.

- Contents: [Connector] Lightning (male) × 1 unit

- Size: about W26×D28.5×H9.9 (mm) (body only / excluding protrusion)

- Weight: about 12g

How to use

How to care

・When cleaning, remove this product from electrical appliances.

・Do not wipe with organic solvents such as thinner or benzine.

・Wipe dirt with a dry, clean cloth.

・If it is very dirty, soak a clean cloth with a mild detergent, squeeze hard, and wipe.

Please pay attention

  • * This product is intended to suppress electromagnetic noise and cannot be used as memory storage.
  • * Do not disassemble, modify, or repair this product. We cannot repair or warranty this product when it is disassembled.
  • * The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by failure or use of this product.
  • * Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

  • ・Should you observe smoke, strange odor, or noise, immediately turn off the power switch of the target device and unplug this product. Do not continue using it and contact the seller.
  • ・Do not use, store, or leave in places with high temperature or humidity, such as a fire Soba, a place exposed to direct sunlight, or an inside a car under the scorching sun.
  • ・Connectors have an orientation. When inserting, check the orientation carefully. (TypeA)
  • ・If excessive force is applied during insertion, it may cause damage or malfunction.
  • ・Do not connect or disconnect this product with wet hands.
  • ・Please note that because it is a precision instrument, it may cause the following malfunctions.
  • 1. Do not place objects on top.
  • 2. Do not subject to strong shock or vibration.
  • 3. Do not wet with water, Health beverage water, etc.
  • 4. Do not install the connector with dust or debris on it.
  • ・As there is a risk of accidental ingestion or injury, store and use out of reach of small children.
  • ・When disposing of this product, follow the ordinances of your local government. For details of the ordinance, please contact your local government.


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