Fit and support insole

Fit and support (for men)


It is an insole made by grasping the situation from the perspective of an acupuncturist and making use of knowledge and skills as a shoemaker, so it is recommended for those who have problems with their feet or are worried about the health of their feet now and in the future.
It is an insole based on a unique centering theory that improves the transmission of information from ground to foot and the transmission of force from foot to ground.

Size: (male) 24.0 to 28.0cm ※1 foot


About Fit and support

According to the line of the size written on the back of the mount attached to the insole, you can immediately use your already existing shoes with ease of cutting with scissors.

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Fit and support (for women)

Fit and support (for women)

Size: (female) 22.0 to 25.0cm ※1 foot



IngredientsSurface / Artificial Leather, Body / EVA, Urethane Foam