Evermere Moist Tec Gel UV Sunscreen with luxuriously formulated with beauty ingredients

Evermere moist tec UV gel 50 plus 70 g

Evermere Moist Tec Gel UV

Sunscreen with luxuriously formulated with beauty ingredients

Stretch for beautiful transparent skin
The highest level of UV cutting effect in Japan. It is a UV beauty gel born from Moist Tec that pursues excellent moisturizing function.


About Evermere Moist Tec Gel UV

Luxuriously blends beauty ingredients for transparent Stretch skin.

Water-based light gels provide excellent water resistance by adopting Water Change Technology formulations. It also prevents makeup collapse.

SPF50+ / PA++++

Ideal for summer leisure and sweat sports such as the sea and swimming pool.

Protect function

In addition to ultraviolet rays, we also protect against air pollutants such as tobacco smoke, exhaust gas, PM2.5, etc.

Dedicated Cleansing Washing Pack is not required

You can drop it with Bath Soap.

New Water proof formulation

The gel changes on the skin and transforms into a Water proof type.

Excellent water resistance with a light gel.

In addition, it is resistant to sweat and water and is recommended for leisure and sports under the scoring sun, preventing makeup collapse and making a big success on makeup base.

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Evermere moist tec UV gel 50 plus 70 g

Evermere moist tec UV gel 50 plus 70 g


Evermere moist tec UV gel 50 plus 70g 3set

Evermere moist tec UV gel 50 plus 70g 3set

A set of 3 "Evermere Moist Tec Gel UV".


Evermere moist tec UV gel 50 plus 70g 2set

Evermere moist tec UV gel 50 plus 70g 2set

A set of 2 from Evermere Moist Tec Gel UV.


Evermere moist tec UV gel 50 plus 70g 2set

Evermere moist tec UV gel 50 plus 70g 2set


How to use

On your face and body

Please take a sufficient amount in the palm of your hand and extend it evenly so that there is no remaining paint.

After wiping your skin with a towel, re-add it each time.

It can also be used as a makeup underlying fabric.

Please pay attention

  • Please use carefully to see if there are any abnormalities on your skin.
  • If it does not fit your skin, please stop using it.

Questions and Answers

About raw materials and manufacturing methods

Are you using ultraviolet desortics? Is it an ultraviolet absorber?

Ultraviolet absorbers ("ethyl methoxysichate hexyl" and "diethyl aminohydroxybenzoyl benzoic acid hexyl") are used.

Is the UV absorber coated?

It is not coated.

Which is more gentle on your skin, "UV Gel" or "MoistTech UV Gel 50+"?

The conventional UV gel is more gentle on the skin.

However, "Moisttech UV Gel 50+" contains moisturizing and beauty ingredients, and is a product that has passed "allergy test", "patch test" and "stinging test" at external institutions.

Among them, the "stinging test" is a test to confirm that "stinging = piri-piri stimuli" does not occur, and determines the stinging-inducing effect of the product by applying the product to the face of a sensitive subject and self-reporting the irritation and discomfort.

Constipation and Moisttech UV Gel 50+ have been evaluated as cosmetics that can be used with peace of mind without feeling irritation even on sensitive skin.

Which surfactants are you using?

"Serbitan cesquiisostearic acid" and "polyglyceryl lauric acid-10".

Both use highly safe products.

What are SPF and PA values?

SPF value... SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and is said to be "UV protection numerical value" in Japanese.

It is mainly an index of the prevention effect of sunburn (redness sunburn) by "UVB", and the meaning of the SPF value is not whether ultraviolet rays can be cut, but a numerical value that shows how long the time can be extended until the skin begins to turn red.

PA value... PA stands for Protection Grade of UV-A and is called the UVA Defense Index.

This is a number that indicates how much the skin blackening due to "UVA", which causes gentle sunburn (santan) that affects the back of the skin, is delayed.

It is said that the more "+", the higher the effect.

How to use

How much should I apply?

Sunscreen will become uneven if not painted cleanly correctly, and the effect will be halved.

The reason we are pleased to know the appropriate amount is that each person has an appropriate amount.

If you want to guide as a rough guide, if you are on your face, moisturize about 1 to 2 g with gel cream, etc., gently apply carefully so that there is no unevenness throughout your face.

Do I need to repaint? How long should I repaint again?

In the morning, sunscreen coated well also after time passes, the effect of ultraviolet absorber may decrease as it absorbs ultraviolet rays due to its nature, so we recommend that you re-paint it frequently if possible.

In particular, please repaint after sweating and wiping your skin with a towel.

How many hours does it work?

SPF50 means that the time to redness can be delayed by 50 times, for example, if a person with redness appears in 20 minutes when nothing is applied, if you apply SPF 50 cosmetics, you can delay it for 20 minutes ×50 = 1000 minutes.

As a Concept, it can be said that it protects the skin from UVB so that redness does not come out for about 16 hours.

Can I use it for children?

Of course, you can use it, but it may lead to misuse, so when using it for children, please try a small amount with your arm etc. under the supervision of your parent or guardian.

Can I repaint it from the top of my makeup?

After wiping off sebum and sweat, re-paint.

After that, it is recommended that you layer powder Foundation exposed skin (SPF20 / PA++) and you can also make up at the same time.

Which should I recommend, "UV Gel" or "Moisttech UV Gel 50+"?

It is also a good place to use it depending on the time of day, location, action content, etc.

For example, if you are going out for a short time, such as regular housework, drying laundry, or shopping in the neighborhood, SPF 30 "UV gel", long outings such as leisure under the sun, and "Moisttech UV Gel 50+" if you are exposed directly to the sea, mountains, and ultraviolet rays.

In addition, please do not forget to check whether it fits your skin.


Product Typecosmetics
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsWater, ethyl hexyl methoxysyate, diethyl aminohydroxybenzoyl benzoate hexyl, glycerin, triethylhexanoin, plieren glycol, ascorbyl glucoside, water-soluble proteoglycan, water-soluble collagen, sodium acetyl hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronic acid, calamescane flower extract, croxcritus root extract, Aloe vera leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, wasabinoki seed extract, bilberry leaf extract, polyquatanium-61, glycyrritic acid 2K, DPG, BG, isostearic acid, sorbitan cesquiisosteaate, polyglycerile lauric acid-10, gum arabic, maltodekestrin, xanthan gum, dextrin, carbomer, K hydroxide, tocoperol, BHT, phenoxyethanol

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