Evermere Gel Cream Skincare is OK with this one

Evermere Gel Cream Pump 500g S-Type

Evermere Gel Cream

Skincare is OK with this one

The main ingredient is special water for evermere cosmetics.
The other cosmetics is different in the main ingredient's being oil.
This is the cosmetics safest for a body in Japan.
When this cosmetics is used, skin is moistened, so skin lotion, milk lotion, an essence and cream aren't necessary.
Your skin is always kept beautifully.

One-touch refill. A vacuum extraction method that can be used to the end. Contents 500g. About 2 months''s time.


These goods have the other line-ups

Evermere Gel Cream 500g S-Type Repack

Evermere Gel Cream 500g S-Type Repack

Eco-friendly refill type. Refill pump 500S with one touch. Contents 500g. About 2 months''s time.


Evermere Gel Cream 1000g N-Type Repack

Evermere Gel Cream 1000g N-Type Repack

Eco-friendly refill type. With a cap that is convenient for storing. Contents 1000g. About 4 months' time.


Evermere Gel Cream 180g

Evermere Gel Cream 180g

The same double structure as the thermos so that the contents are less susceptible to outside temperature. Diameter 9cm height 5.8cm. Contents 180g. About 3 weeks''s time.


Evermere Gel Cream Pump 500g E-Type

Evermere Gel Cream Pump 500g E-Type


Evermeregel tube 70 g

Evermeregel tube 70 g

Handy type (with tube) convenient to carry


Evermeregel tube 20 g

Evermeregel tube 20 g

Handy type (with tube) convenient to carry


Evermere Gel Cream 500g S-Type Repack 2packs

Evermere Gel Cream 500g S-Type Repack 2packs

Evermere Gel Cream 2-pack refill 500S with 1 empty container

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Evermere Gel Cream 1000 empty bottle

Evermere Gel Cream 1000 empty bottle

It is a set of empty container of gel cream 500E and refill 1000g. Environmentally friendly refill type. Comes with a cap that is convenient for storage. Contents 1000g. About 4 months' worth.

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Questions and Answers

About the product

What is the difference between "Pump 500C" and "Pump 500 S" and "Pump 500E"?

The structure of the pump body and the refill method are different.

"Pump 500S" is recommended for customers who purchase from now on.

If you order by mistake the combination of the pump body and refill, you will not be able to use it correctly.

Please contact the store staff for details as we will guide you to the appropriate products.

What is the difference between "gel cream" and "relaxing hand gel"?

Gel cream and relaxing hand gel are made of the same ingredients,

Relaxing hand gel is a hand treatment scented with 8 kinds of * botanical essence.

* Grapefruit peel oil, coriander fruit oil, damask rose flower oil, odorenji cuaoi oil, palmarosa oil, vecibel root oil, lavender oil, Roman chamomile flower oil (incense)

When you feel drying your fingers,

If you want to enjoy the fragrance, relaxing hand gel,

For those who like fragrance-free

Gel cream pump 50 is recommended.

How to use

Can I use it a lot?

Please use plenty.

At night, the standard amount used for the face is cherry size (about 6 g).

In the case of pump type, 2 pushes is a guide.

After Facewashing, take it in the palm of your hand and let it blend into your entire face in 2-3 times.

Why does it become tattered and plaque when I sing?

Evermere Gel Cream has the effect of softening hard keratin and strong adsorption power.

Evermere Gel Cream creates the same condition so that the skin becomes easier to clean when used in the bath for a long time, and the gel's adsorption power pulls out dirt and dirt.

By removing old aging keratin, it becomes clean skin.

Caution: Do not rub too hard. Please use it once or twice a week as a guide.

Do you contain UV-proof ingredients?

Evermere Gel Cream does not contain uv-preventing ingredients.

Please use it as a uv gel, powder foundation dew skin.

I did peeling, but the dirt does not come out well.

There are individual differences in skin quality.

Even if peeling is made, there are people who get old with poroporo, and there are people who do not come out.

Please note that if you massage too much, you will have trouble with your skin.

Because the dirt does not fall off, if you massage too much, there is a risk of causing skin trouble, so please try it for about 1 week to 10 days.

Can I peel up every day?

We basically recommend taking red once or twice a week.

If you feel piri-piri while watching the condition of your skin, please reduce the number of times once every two weeks or once a month.

Please be careful because frequent redness and too much rubbing of the skin will damage your skin.

Is it available for the Cleansing Washing Pack?

The gel cream softens the skin and floats the makeup dirt on the surface. Wiping

Available for the Cleansing Washing Pack.

For eye makeup and lipstick, gently wipe off with gel cream-insed cotton.

Then apply a cherries-sized gel cream to your entire face and wipe it with a facial sponge or tissue (use a dedicated Cleansing Washing Pack agent as water-proof makeup is hard to remove).

After that, facewashing with "Mild Facewashing Cream" or "Soft Facewashing Form".

How old is it for?

Evermere Gel Cream is a cream originally developed to combat roughness and is intended to supplement your skin with moisture.

Regardless of age, you can use it with confidence.

Rather than cosmetics, think of it as a moisturizing cream that can be used by your family.

Can I use it chilled in the refrigerator?

Gel cream can be stored at room temperature.

Do not put it in the refrigerator as it is in a container.

If you want to use it chilled, please transfer only one portion to another bowl and put it in the refrigerator.

However, please note that the smell may transfer to gel cream when put with Supplement.

About raw materials and manufacturing methods

What is a gel?

Gel is a jelly-like viscosity that exists in the body of plants and living organisms in nature.

Seaweed, aloe, hyaluronic acid and Collagen. It has the property that it is difficult to drying and easy to become familiar with water.

Evermere Gel Cream is a skin-friendly cosmetic that takes advantage of the gel's properties.

My pet licks it, is it okay?

Evermere Gel Cream has a unique sweetness, so pets may lick it, but it was not developed as a Supreme, so please avoid it.

How long has it been since I opened it?

Unopened for 3 years.

After opening, it is recommended to avoid places exposed to high temperatures and humidity and direct sunlight, and use as soon as possible.

What are the features of Evermere Gel Cream?

Evermere cosmetics products, including gel creams, are carefully made in our own thoroughly safely managed factory.

Water, which accounts for 80% of the ingredients of gel cream, is water polished through advanced purification and live water processes, and this is a feature.

In addition, mineral oils, ethanol, fragrances and surfactants are not used.


Product Typecosmetics
Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredientswater, glycerin, BG, squalane, avocado oil, glycyrritic acid 2K, allantoin, water-soluble collagen, sodium hyaluronate, ougon extract, bifidobacteria fermented extract, soybean extract, chlorella extract, cawarayomogi extract, aloe vera leaf extract, tocoperol, brown sugar extract, caramel, sea salt, sodium algicate, carbomer, K hydroxide, methylparaben

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