Embalance Socks To the slender leg beauty

Embalance Sliming Socks

Embalance Socks

To the slender leg beauty

Effective for shaping up
Keep your legs all day long with a healing Embalance material and a pleasant tightening feeling. I tighten the leg with a smooth feeling and make it look slim.

Size:M... 22~23.5cm L... 23.5 to 25.5cm Color: Black


About Embalance Socks

Pressure-sensitive socks are very popular among women. By adjusting the pressure step by step, the foot is refreshing! It is also recommended for shape-up.

Mineral Food uses Embalance material with special technology.

It is a nice socks that support beautiful legs.

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Embalance Sliming Socks 3set

Embalance Sliming Socks 3set

3-legged set with great points


Please pay attention

  • Smooth the nails on the hands and feet, and take off anything that hurts the socks.
  • Do not wear with two layers or the rubber part bent.
  • Do not use this product for medical purposes.


Product Typesock
IngredientsMaterial: Cotton 39.9%, Nylon 28.5%, Unbalanced Polyester 25.8%, Polyurethane 5.8%

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