Embalance Leg Warmer I want to warm up.

Embalance Leg Warmer Long

Embalance Leg Warmer

I want to warm up.

It feels smooth and pleasant.
It is very warm with a slightly thick material, and the chikara of the comfortable and full♪-width material improves the thermal insulation power. Of course, the room is also a big success outdoors!

Long size (about 60cm)


About Embalance Leg Warmer

Tate Yoko is stretchy! It fits gently without a feeling of tightening.

It is a soft, plump and gentle knitting.

The long size was a size of 60cm in length and was it up to the thigh?

You can use it even if you fold it double. Half size is a type that is knee-length and not bulky. It is also convenient for carrying, such as travel.

Please pay attention

  • If it does not fit your skin, or if you feel rash, itching, etc., please refrain from using it. This product is a delicate knitting method like a sweater to produce a soft and soft. If metal fittings, nails, rings, etc. are caught in the fabric part, the thread may come out.
  • Please be careful when attaching and detaching.
  • Please do not attach and detach during operation because it is dangerous. If you receive strong friction when wearing it, or if you receive strong friction in a moist state such as water or sweat, there is a risk of color transfer to other things.
  • If the color changes by any chance, please wash it as soon as possible. Please do not use it for any purpose other than the original purpose.


Product TypeLeg warmers
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsMaterial: 62% polyester, 36% cotton, 2% polyurethane, 54% of 62% polyester, embalanced polyester

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