Embalance Bearmcover Stylish UV Protection

Embalance Uv Arm Cover

Embalance Bearmcover

Stylish UV Protection

Protects against UV rays
Embalance is a plastic that has the power to suppress deterioration and decay. The arm cover made of Embalance material protects the arms and hands from strong sunlight. It is cool with a line of the watermark pattern♪

Size: Total length about 57cm (expands and contracts) Weight: About 15g (30g in 2 pieces) color: black/ white


About Embalance Bearmcover

Protects arms and hands from raining UV rays.

Perfect for driving a car or riding a bike or motorbike.

In addition, it is recommended for shopping, leisure, watching sports, beach, walking, etc.


Product TypeArm cover
IngredientsMaterial: 40% polyester (38% internally unbalanced polyester), 58% cotton, 1% nylon

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