dekabitacoil Silicon diode coil to regulate skin current

Dekabita coil 2set

Silicon diode coil to regulate skin current

Add healing to pain, stiffness, and other areas of concern
Apply to the area of your body that you care about. The navel and cheeks are recommended!
This is a sticker for affixing "for the body and transportation" by printing fullerene-coated ceramic on the seal surface that strengthens the action against electromagnetic waves.

This is a Maruyama type coil that uses a silicon diode coil that regulates the skin current. You can attach it directly to the part of your body that you care about with the attached sticker.


About dekabitacoil

The Maruyama-type coil can be attached directly to the affected area with stiffness or pain or to the area of concern on the body with the attached sticker.


- dekabitacoil diameter: about 15mm thickness: about 7mm

- Kamuna ceramic seal (square type) about 65×65mm

How to use

Tape one on each cheek so that the round side of the coil is on the skin side. It is recommended to apply it under the cheekbones where it hurts to the touch or where it is concave when the mouth is opened.


Ingredients・Decaviter coil: Styrene thermoplastic elastomer, ceramic charcoal, silicon diode ・Kamuna ceramic seal (square type): polyurethane, special nano ceramic Adhesive part: Acrylic adhesive (acrylic acid ester polymer) Release paper: Kraft paper, polyethylene/silicone

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