dekabitacoil Silicone diode coil to adjust skin current

Dekabita coil 2set

Silicone diode coil to adjust skin current

Add healing to areas of care, such as pain and stiffness
I put it on the part of the body of the body of the body. The navel and cheeks are recommended!
This is a sticker for attaching "for body and luck" printed fullerene-processed ceramic on the seal surface that enhances anti-electromagnetic wave action.

皮膚電流を整えるシリコンダイオードコイルを利用した丸山式コイルです。 付属の貼付シールで体の気になる部位へ直接貼ることができます。


About dekabitacoil

Maruyama coil can be attached directly to the affected area with stiffness and pain and the part where the body is concerned with the attached adhesive seal.


- dekabitacoil diameter: about 15mm thickness: about 7mm

- Camuna ceramic seal (square type) about 65×65mm

How to use

Please tape one by one on the left and right cheeks so that the round surface of the coil becomes the skin side. It is recommended to stick it to the place where it touches under the cheekbone and it is painful or it is depressed when the mouth is opened.


Ingredients・ Decavita coil: styrene-based thermoplastic elastomer, ceramic charcoal, silicon diode / Camuna ceramic seal (square type): Polyurethane, special nano ceramic Adhesive part: Acrylic adhesive (acrylic acid ester polymer) Release paper: Kraft paper, polyethylene / silicon