Dashiteiya Katuo Dashi Nonito Dashi

Dashiteiya katuo dashi 8g 30pack 24P - Nonito Dashi

Dashiteiya Katuo Dashi

Nonito Dashi

It is a dissolving granule type Dashi with bonito flakes, kelp and salt.

It is a set of 1box (24 pieces)


About Dashiteiya Katuo Dashi

It is a tasteful soup stock made without using amino acids or protein hydrolyzates.

Sugar uses beessin sugar and made use of makurazaki bonito flakes and Hokkaido kelp ingredients.

How to use

■Estimated use of 1 bag (8 g)

Miso soup: 6-7 tablespoons (900-1000ml)

Pots: 6 to 7 people (1,100 to 1,200ml)

Simmered food: 4-5 people (900-1000ml)

Oden: 5 to 6 people (1,100-1200ml)

6-7 tablespoons (700-800ml)

※ When dissolved, some insoluble remains, but please enjoy with confidence because this is an ingredient such as bonito flakes and kelp.

Please pay attention

  • Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
  • Best before date: 1 year before opening


Product Typefoodstuff
IngredientsSalt, malt sugar, sugar, bonito flake powder, yeast extract powder, kelp powder