Evermere Moisturising Cover Cushion foundation Foundation that utilizes the moisturizing power of gel cream

Evermere Moisturising Cover Cushion foundation

Foundation that utilizes the moisturizing power of gel cream

Cover tightly with this one
In one, there are 6 functions of "Beauty Fluid, Sunscreen, Makeup Base, Foundation, Concealer, Highlights"! After preparing the skin with gel cream, do this one. Anyone can easily complete the base makeup in one step.


About Evermere Moisturising Cover Cushion foundation

The cushion contains plenty of Liquid Foundation, so it covers well even if it is thinned. Contains the same key ingredients as Evermere gel cream to keep it hydrated while being Foundation.

※ It is a "natural" color that is available to any skin

* For the Cleansing Washing Pack, please use Water Oil Forming Facewashing

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Evermere Moisturising Cover Cushion foundation Refill

Evermere Moisturising Cover Cushion foundation Refill

Refill for refilling. The case is not included.


How to use

Lightly press the dedicated puff against the sponge part of the cushion foundation and take an appropriate amount.

Let it evenly deach other as if putting. ※ It is a point to put without slipping on the skin.

Questions and Answers

What should I do with the Family Washing Pack?

Use Water Oil Forming Facewashing for The Wash Wash Pack

What are six roles?

Beauty Fluid, Sunscreen, Makeup Base, Foundation, Concealer, Highlights


IngredientsWater, cyclopentasyloxan, methyltrimeticon, titanium oxide, triethylhoxanoin, phenylebenz imidazole sulfonate, dimethylcon cross polymer, niacinamide, lauryl PEG-9 polydimethylsiloxyethyldimethicon, iron oxide, trophamine, mica, 1,2-hexandiol, lactobacillus / pomegranate fruit fermented extract, Lactobacillus / Pear juice fermentation liquid, Lactobacillus / Otane carrot root fermentation liquid, Lactobacillus / Soybean fermentation extract, Lactobacillus / Water hyacinth fermented material, Lactobacillus / Lime powder fermented material Lactobacillus / wasabi root fermented extract, benikoji bacteria / rice fermentation liquid, saccharomyces / grape fermented extract, saccharomyces / potato extract fermentation liquid, (saccharomyces / xyrinum) / tea fermented product, Saccharomyces/barley seed fermentation liquid, yeast fermented extract, squalane, avocado oil, aloe vera leaf extract, cawara mugwort leaf extract, sugarcane extract, soybean seed extract, ougon root extract, nylon-12, al hydroxide, palmitoylproline, palmitoyl glutamate Mg, palmitoyl sarcocin Na, palmiotic acid, sorbitan ceschiolein, PEG-10 Dimethylsimethylsiloxyethyldymetycon, pantenol, Na chloride, serbitan cesquiisostearic acid, zinc stearic acid, dysteal dimonium Hectrite, trietoxycapryryl silan, dystearyl dimonium chloride, stearic acid, tocoperol acetate, BG, thashi oil, odorenziquaoi flower oil, adenosine, Trietoxysil ethyl ethylpolysimethylsiloxyl hexyl dimethylatedicene, bergamot fruit oil, damaskbara flower oil, biosakkarid gum-1, empitsvyaxin oil, toushikimi fruit/seed oil, onisalvia oil, butterfly leaf oil, benzoing gum, ylang-ylang flower oil, green-water fruit oil, chaba water, hyaluronic acid na, olive oil Ethylhekylglycerin, tocoperol, watermelon fruit extract, papaya fruit extract, lemon peel extract, tomato fruit extract, mytake fruit substance extract, inonotsoublikus extract, matsutake extract, radish root extract, irohamomizi leaf extract, shobu root extract, matatabi fruit extract, akebi extract, onion root extract, garlic root extract, hanasuge root extract, Yogi leaf extract, beet root extract, cabbage leaf extract, turnip leaf extract, tsubakki leaf extract, sibbana flower extract, shrimp sutsa seed extract, tsubokusa extract, karin extract, yellow-ground root extract, bergamot leaf extract, yuz fruit extract, unshumikan peel extract, pickle carrot root extract, hawthorn extract, cucumber fruit extract, turmeric root extract, carrot root extract, carrot root extract, Oyster fruit extract, japanese green leaf extract, biwa leaf extract, fig fruit extract, himefuuro extract, kakidosi extract, kanzo root extract, sunflower seed extract, honkanzo flower extract, sweet potato root extract, shiitake extract, boshubok leaf extract, honeysuckle flower extract, kuko fruit extract, melissa extract, japanese honeysuckle flower / leaf / stem extract, yamagwa leaf extract, Banana fruit extract, lotus root extract, mebouki leaf extract, kibi seed extract, egoma leaf extract, azuki seed extract, plantain seed extract, kyoko root extract, sverige extract, anzu fruit extract, momo fruit extract, smomo fruit extract, apple fruit extract, geone root extract, rosemary leaf extract, strawberry fruit extract, sage leaf extract, kumazasa leaf extract, Keigai extract, sesame seed extract, spinach leaf extract, dandelion leaf extract, tatijakoou leaf extract, chikarasuri root extract, wakame extract, ginger root extract, chamomile flower extract, ginkgo seed extract, dokudami extract

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