Carica Celapi Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 40pcs - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi

Papaya Powder

Blue Papaia 100% Natural Supplement
Papaya Fermented Powder
It is a milky granulated, delicious Papaya fermentation System in which fruits with strong energy are carefully selected among papaya's immature fruits, fruit juice from skins, seeds, and pulp is extracted, enzyme and lactic acid bacteria are added, and fermented, matured, and naturally dryed.
Because it is a 100% natural Supplement, it can be used with peace of mind from pregnant women to infants and elderly people.

Regular size for about 1 month for general use.


About Carica Celapi

Papaya Fermentation Supplement "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" is a completely natural Supplement that creates immature blue papayas with the natural work of microorganisms.

Therefore, in order to attract the attention of consumers, we do not go out of our way to add ingredients that are popular in the world, or sell products by advertising that such ingredients are "many times more abundant than ○○".

For you, this may be a little different from the general health supplements and supplements that are originally developed for the purpose of taking certain ingredients.

In addition, for that reason, it is difficult to convey the true splendor of "Carica CelapiSAISAIDO-PS501" with advertisements.

However, "Carica Cecapi CAIDO-PS501" has spread to about 1 million patrons since its launch.

I am proud that the reason is that each person who eats it can confirm the goodness of "Carica Cecapi SAYDO-PS501" as a feeling.

In general, many of these products classified as Supplement seem to feel the goodness of them little by little through continuous use, but in the case of "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501", it seems that there is a feature that so many people can realize the wonderfulness from the first use at a fairly early stage.

These goods have the other line-ups

Carica Celapi 40pcs - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 40pcs - Papaya Powder

Regular size for about 1 month for general use.


Carica Celapi 100pcs - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 100pcs - Papaya Powder

Great family size.


Carica Celapi 30pcs - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 30pcs - Papaya Powder

Trial size.


Carica Celapi 100pcs 2case - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 100pcs 2case - Papaya Powder

2 box set with great points.


Carica Celapi 100pcs 3case - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 100pcs 3case - Papaya Powder

3 box set with great points.


Carica Celapi 100pcs 4case - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 100pcs 4case - Papaya Powder

A set of 4 boxes with great points.


Carica Celapi 100pcs - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 100pcs - Papaya Powder

Great family size.


How to use

Please take 1 to 4 bags of adults as a guide.

Questions and Answers

About raw materials and manufacturing methods

Why should I process and eat it as "Carica Celapi" in those of Papaia?

"Carica CecapiSAIDO-PS501" is a fermentation system that enriches nutrients by the function (fermentation) of useful microorganisms, as well as Soy sauce, Vinaigre, yogurt and cheese. By decomposing and generating the components of Supplement with the help of microorganisms, it is a Supportment that increases the potential of Papaya.

In general, the available portion of papaya is the fruit part excluding seeds and skins, but "Carica Celapi CAIDO-PS501" ferments all whole ingredients including skin and seeds.

It is sometimes said that "whole food" is better than "partial food", but "Carica CelapiSAISAIDO-PS501" also creates "The wonderfulness of Papaia, a Wonderful thing that make the best use of all of it" as a concept.

Is the ingredient "organic" papaya?

Papaya, the raw material of Carica Celapi, is a natural papaya native to wildlands filled with the energy of nature. Not to mention no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, even organic fertilizers are used.

Are the varieties of the ingredient papaya common edible?

The variety is different from papaya, which is generally grown as a fruit. Papaya, which is native to the native forests of islands in the Philippines, is harvested while it is immature blue and used as a raw material for Carica Celapi.

What is "Dextros" contained in raw materials?

"Dextros" is a sugar that is a bait for microorganisms to ferment.

What is the difference between wild and cultivated blue papaya?

The difference between wild blue papaya and cultivated blue papaya is

As the wild blue papaia represents the strength of fertility

It is packed with white seeds and has overflowing juice.

In addition, the ability to grow with your own power without using pesticides and fertilizers,

We have the strength to survive according to different environments.

Carica is 100% strong in energy that has grown up among such

It is made from naturalist raw materials.

What are the ingredients of Carica good for?

For example, ingredients that are good for the skin (glycolic acid), components that increase immunity (arginine),

Antioxidant (ascorbic acid), antidepressant (acetylcholine),

It contains many other effective ingredients that increase the power inherent in humans.

The effect of the ingredients of this carica is

We conduct daily research on the products themselves at universities and public institutions.

Academically, it is becoming clearer.

How to eat

Is it okay for my child to eat?

Not only children, but also infants and pregnant women can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Please enjoy it in an easy-to-eat amount.

Can I mix it with yogurt or juice and eat it?

It is okay to dissolve it in water, yogurt, juice, etc.

However, the best way is to eat it by dissolving it with saliva before going to bed.

Is it a problem to use it in combination with supplements such as vitamin agents?

"Carica CelapiSAISAIDO-PS501" is a general supplement fermented papaya, so you do not have to worry about being worried about combining it.

Can I give it to my pet?

Because it is 100% natural material of Papaya, there is no problem even if you use it for pet food. It is used habitually by many people.

It is given a small amount of the earpick.

About quality

Is the sabi inflated but abnormal?

If placed in a warm place, it may expand. There is no abnormality in the quality, so please enjoy it with confidence.

It tastes sweet, but is it seasoned?

"Carica CecapiSAIDO-PS501" has its sweet flavor and children love it, but does not use any additives at all.

Are calories high?

Carica CecapiSAISAIDO-PS501 has a modest calorie count of 10-11kcal per bag.

It has a sweet taste, but does it cause cavities?

The sweetness of "Carica CelapiSAISAIDO-PS501" is the sweetness of glucose classified as monosaccharides, which has the property that it is difficult to be used for mutans bacteria, which are the causing bacteria of tooth decay, and it is known that it produces less plaque and lactic acid than Sugar.

Is there no Carica drink?

I once made a trial work with a major Health bevage manufacturer,

It was impossible to make a drink that was additive-free and maintained the characteristics of Calica.

With the advancement of technology, the day may come when you can make a carica drink one day,

At the moment, we recommend "carica water made by yourself".

Can the taste of Carica change?

The taste of carica changes slightly for each product lot.

Carica is not seasoned with additives,

It is a taste that is naturally born as a result of fermenting and aging wild blue papaya.

The change in the taste of carica is also proof that it is a natural thing.

In addition, you may feel that the taste changes depending on your physical condition.

Do you not make a tablet type (tablet) of Carica?

I tried to make a work before, but it is one of the features of Kalika.

It was the result that there was no taste of nature and the effect was hard to feel.

In addition, I was tableted only with Carica without using thickener,

It is hard to become a beautiful tablet shape by all means out of shape,

For some reason, the effect of the carica hardened into a tablet seems to be weak.

In the end, it was difficult to sell it as a product.

As a result of trial and error, no additives are used

We think that the current granules are the most effective and suitable for satisfaction.

In addition, granules are easy to dissolve and eat, and other

There is also the one-size-fits-all advantage of being easy to use for a variety of applications.

Is Karika not Enzyme?

It is easy to think that Carica is Enzyme, but the carica that was producted does not contain Enzyme.

There was a time when I thought that the effect of Papaya fermentation Supplement was the power of "Enzyme",

When I examined it at the inspection agency, the result that "Papain Enzyme power value was zero" appeared.

Carica is not Enzyme,

Various research results have revealed that "Supplement active enzyme produced in the body" is.

In addition, carica has many active ingredients that are born naturally by fermentation.

We support various functions of the body.


Product TypePapaya Fermented Foods
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsCarica papaia (From the Philippines), Dextros, Enzymes, Lactobacillus