Bulgaria Rose Otto Dilute 100% Natural Roses Beauty Fluid

Rose Otto Dilute 20ml

100% Natural Roses Beauty Fluid

Let your skin moisturize with the power of roses
Beaty Fluid is 100% bulgarian natural roses that are used as raw materials for high-end cosmetics and fragrances in France and Europe. The power of the rose gives moisture and elasticity to the skin. It is a certified product of "Bulgarian National Rose Institute".


About Bulgaria Rose Otto Dilute

This Beauty Fluid is confined to the finest jojoba oil, which is made from 100% pure rose oil distilled from damask rose harvested in the Valley of the Roses and extracted by coldpress.

You can warm it in the palm of your hand and enjoy the care while enjoying the fragrance.

◆ When used as a makeup base before makeup, the protective film made on the skin surface protects the skin from external factors.

In addition, if you use it as Beaty Fluid before a break, the Relax feeling by the fragrance will rest the skin and balance it.

With this one, you can get a Relax feeling with the deep scent of roses, moisture to the skin and Stretch at the same time.

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Rose Otto Dilute 20ml 3set

Rose Otto Dilute 20ml 3set

It is a set of three points that are advantageous.


How to use

・ After Facewashing, prepare your skin with Bulgaria Rose Water, then push "Bulgaria Rose Otto Dilute" into the palm of your hand, and warm your hands together for a few seconds to penetrate more skin.

Open your hands and enjoy the scent, stretch lightly with the palm of your hand, gently pat and blend into the entire skin.

・ In order to further enhance the effect of roses, care is recommended with "Damask Rose Water" + "Rose Otto Delute", but you can also use it as Beauty Fluid as a daily Skincare.

・ You can use it as a massage oil for the body such as neckline, waistline, arms and calves.

In addition, if you massage it lightly with the scalp, it will finish it with glossy hair with a strongness.

・ If you attach it to the wrist, earlids, behind the knee, etc., you can use it as an item of fragrance before going out.

Please pay attention

  • Be careful not to put it directly in your eyes.
  • Preservatives and preservatives are not included, so avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
  • Because it is a natural oil, it solidifies at about 17 degrees. Warm until completely melted. The quality does not change, so you can use it repeatedly.
  • Should this disagree with your skin, do not use.


Product Typecosmetics
Country of manufactureJapanese rose oil: Bulgarian jojoba oil: Mexico (pesticide-free cultivated jojoba oil)
IngredientsJojoba Oil, Damask Rose Flower Oil