Heatraybodytubemini Gently warms your body


Gently warms your body

Loose fit
It is a long Stomachband that reflects the voice of the customer that it warms the stomach, buttocks to the thigh firmly, and wants a Stomachband that is easy to move.
Size: About 33×48×5cm (adaptation size: hips / 80 to 105 cm)


About Heatraybodytubemini

It is a middle size Stomachband just the middle size of "body warmer" and "body tube" of the same series.

Because it is a size that considers the ease of taking off and wearing, it is recommended for watching sports on the go and in a cold place.

Please pay attention

  • About care: Hand washable


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsTop side / Polyester 95%, Polyurethane 5%, Back side / Polyester 100%, Inside / Polyester 100% (natural ore included)