The latest high-powered artificial Electromagnetic Wave item born from Katakamuna research.
This coil has a two-layer structure and consists of an upper layer and a lower layer, and by joining together, it collides and can be exchanged against.
Therefore, in order to dramatically enhance the action of the Maruyama coil, we adopted a special nanopowder that combines a fullerene material carefully selected through repeated prototyping and a ferrite-derived gaia ceramic that replenishes the geomagnetic field. In addition, by combining copper wire coils in a three-layer structure, the function of counteracting artificial electromagnetic waves is greatly enhanced.
Silicon is also kneaded with special nanopowders.


About Blackeyeguiasunecklase

In order to approach the elementary particle level more, the top part is decorated with Maruyama-sensei's original figure "Kamuna" made based on "Yatanokagami", the central figure of Katakamuna.

From those who have actually worn it, we have received amazing experiences such as "It is refreshing as if it was cleansed at a shrine", "The throbbing of the knees and hips becomes easier and I can go up the stairs", "When I wear it, the performance during exercise improves", "The breathing spreads to every corner of the body".

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Please pay attention

  • ・Accessories: Cotton string: 100% cotton (80cm)
  • * Please use the cotton string of the accessory if it gets a rash on the silicone string or if it breaks.
  • * There is no problem with getting wet (including bathing) in daily life, so if it gets wet, please wipe off the moisture well.
  • * This product is a silicone product, and the string is easy to break by repeating the attachment and removal. We recommend that you keep it on as much as possible. When putting on and taking off, please handle carefully with both hands.


Country of manufacturemade in Japan
IngredientsSilicon, copper wire, special nanopowders

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