Bio Whitedenshi Refreshing powder toothpaste with natural mint oil

Lima natural bio white dense S console 20 g 6P

Bio Whitedenshi

Refreshing powder toothpaste with natural mint oil

For those who are prone to gingivitis
It is a refreshing powder toothpaste of natural mint oil that utilizes the decomposition and cleaning power born from the fermentation process by Enzyme using wheat husuma, rice bran, and natural Mineral Food as raw materials.


About Bio Whitedenshi

It is a powder toothpaste that utilizes decomposition and cleaning power (BIO cleaning component) born from the fermentation process (microbial and Enzyme work) by Enzyme with wheat fusuma, rice bran, natural Mineral Food (silica, iron oxide, alumina).

●What is BIO cleaning ingredients?

It utilizes the work of harmless Bacillus subtilis (production of proteolytic Enzyme) that is widely present in nature.

It is a natural and safe raw material born from beneficial microorganisms Enzyme, Komugifsuma, Rice Bran, and Natural Mineral Food.

The useful microbes and Enzyme work to break down dirt into details that are difficult to remove.

Since it is not used as a synthetic surfactant or preservative, it cleans the mouth without giving a strong stimulus.

Because I use natural mint oil, it has a refreshing flavor, and the taste does not remain in the mouth forever like a synthetic fragrance.

The raw material, chaha, uses matcha made from domestically produced pesticide-free.

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Lima natural bio white dense S refill for 20 g 7P

Lima natural bio white dense S refill for 20 g 7P


How to use

Use an appropriate amount of powder on a clean, dry Toothbrush.

20 g is about 1-2 months' worth. (When used 2-3 times a day / There are some individual differences)

I recommend it to such a person.

・ Those who value gentleness to the body for daily toothpaste.

・ Those whose gums are delicate and prone to gingivitis.

・Those who are concerned about tartar, plaque, and yellowing of teeth.

・ Those who like the scent of natural mint.

Please pay attention

  • ・If you absorb moisture, the powder may harden, so be sure to close the cap tightly after use and be careful not to allow water to enter the container.
  • ・Should you have a wound, swelling, rash, etc. in the oral cavity, please do not use.

  • Storage method: Store in a cool, dark place.


Product Typetoothpaste
IngredientsCa carbonate, komgyfusuma, K myristate, sea salt, rice bran, glycerin, cha leaves, silica, iron oxide, alumina, mint oil

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