Bio paste ruth 100% naturally derived ingredients

Biopasteruth 60g

Bio paste ruth

100% naturally derived ingredients

Tenderness and powerful cleaning power
Authorized Dealer NO [CT-0101]
For the health management of animals, which are important families, as well as those who are worried about their dog's tartar, periodontal troubles, and the guts in the cat's mouth.
"The yellowing of the pet's teeth has been removed", "I do not care about the odor after meals immediately", "It became easier to peel off tartar", etc.


About Bio paste ruth

The main raw material is "BioMineral Food", which is the same as the popular toothpaste "Bio Paste". In consideration of its use in animals, we have realized the formulation of naturally derived ingredients that are almost tasteless and odorless while maintaining the features that demonstrate excellent cleaning power.

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Biopasteruth 60g 2P

Biopasteruth 60g 2P


How to use

Apply a small toothbrush for children moistened with water or lukewarm water or an appropriate amount of paste to gauze, and gently brush and massage your teeth and gums.

Please pay attention

  • ※ This product is a toothpaste paste for animals.
  • ※ If abnormalities appear at the time of use, stop using and consult a veterinarian.
  • ※ Because it contains natural raw materials, the color and aroma may change slightly, but there is no problem with the quality.


IngredientsWater, glycerin, cellulose gum, mineral salt, hydrous silica, lactic acid bacteria fermented extract, papain (containing papain enzyme), lactobacillus / radish root fermentation solution