Bio Rubber Standard Mat emit infrared rays without using electricity

Bio Rubber Standard Mat Lsize

emit infrared rays without using electricity

Based on high-purity limestone containing 99.7% or more Calcium carbonate, rubber with a honeycomb structure made of microscopic bubbles made of our own manufacturing method is blended with rare metals to emit biowaves (infrared rays) that are beneficial to the human body.
First of all, there are individual differences, but the feeling is different. Anyway, it is an item that makes the body feel refreshed and becomes energetic.


About Bio Rubber Standard Mat

Infrared rays emitted from BIORUBBER are absorbed from human skin, and it is thought that about 70% of the water molecules that make up the body are excited by the infrared rays.

The vibration is amplified by the energy of the water molecule, and the inside of the body is warmed by the movement.

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Bio Rubber Standard Mat Msize

Bio Rubber Standard Mat Msize


Bio Rubber Standard Mat Ssize

Bio Rubber Standard Mat Ssize


How to use

You can use it when you get a good night's sleep or in everyday life.

It can be used in a wide range of scenes such as gently stroking the place of care with your hand from the top of the mat, laying it on the floor, sofa, chair.


IngredientsPrecious Metal Minerals, Chloropylene Rubber, Nylon Yarn, Urethane Yarn

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Medical Bio Rubber


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