Bio Eazer Home electromagnetic therapy device

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Bio Eazer

Home electromagnetic therapy device

Promote health and improve stiffness
Bio Eazer is the only "home electromagnetic therapy device" using alternating magnetic "pulse wave".
The alternating magnetic field generated works deep in the body to improve blood movement and improve stiffness.

I put a ring and use it. It is easy to use for the back of the waist and back.


About Bio Eazer

It is that a magnetic ring is used for the part that causes magnetism. By increased the diameter of the ring, you can put "alternating magnetic" through the limbs to the areas of care.

- Pokapoka to the core though it is a pointy with alternating magnetic

The alternating magnetic "pulse wave" generated from the magnetic ring reaches deep into the body, which increases blood performance and increases body temperature.

The body temperature once raised lasts more than 30 minutes, so the improvement of stiffness is smooth.

- Ikiiki energetic from the organization

By the blood flow is better, it is easy to carry oxygen and nutrition, etc., and to discharge accumulated things smoothly.

Bio Eazer is manufactured using a patented method of cell excisive activity.

- Relax mind and body

By warming the body, it is less susceptible to changes in temperature, ultraviolet rays, external Stress with fatigue, and mental Stress.

The balance of tension and relaxation supports yesterday.

● Balance the pH of water

About 70% of the body is water. Balancing water in the body helps maintain good health.

Bio Easer has also been known to work on water molecules with the power of time, and to make the pH value of tap water alkaline.

● The only [home electromagnetic therapy device]

Bio Easer is the only one recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a "household electromagnetic therapy device" using pulsed waves for the purpose of blood circulation, promotion, and cori improvement.

Compared to other electromagnetic therapy devices (continuous waves), it is characterized by being able to deliver strong periods deep into the body.

How to use

How to use 1... The basics are to warm up your tummy.

First of all, it is 5-10 minutes in the stomach. Then use it for areas of care.

"30-40 minutes" is basic once.

When "Bio Eizer" is added to the tummy, magnetism works on the parasympathetic nerve, and the entire body can loosen.

Even if you are aware of stiff shoulders or pain in your lower back, to relieve tense muscles, first relax your whole body and promote tummy circulation.

It is with a timer that automatically expires in 30 minutes even if you go to bed.

How to use 2... In other areas of care

Shoulder, Uki ... There is a lymph node under the uki, and it is easier to eliminate stiffness by promoting blood circulation.

Neck ... From the shoulder to the back, there is little movement, and it is the part that is most prone to poor blood movement.

Lumbar ... When I have low back pain, I'm nervous about growing gold around my waist.

Promoting blood circulation and relieving tension are the last way to eliminate stiffness.

Soles ... It is also effective to put it on the soles of the feet and ankles.

It is especially recommended for those who suffer from poor blood plasma and coldness.

Hiza ... There is a good point in the body around the hiza, and stimulation is given from both sides of the front and back.

Please pay attention

  • Please refrain from using the following.
  • ◆ When equipped with electronic devices such as pacemakers.
  • ◆ When metal such as metal artificial bone is embedded in the body.
  • ◆Pregnant women and infants
  • ◆Use to the head
  • ◆ Please use devices such as magnetic cards, clocks, televisions, radios, and electronic devices that are susceptible to magnetic interference at least 1.5 m apart.