bioclean Detergent

Bio clean 2L



"Disinfection, antibacterial, deodorization" Harmless to the human body, spray that removes viruses to Air Cleaner to the smartphone to the mask!
Up antibacterial power for a long time just by spraying bacteria where you are worried about bacteria such as masks, smartphones, PCs, stuffed animals!


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Bio clean 400ml

Bio clean 400ml


Bio clean+red bottle

Bio clean+red bottle

Bioclean2L and empty spray bottle.


How to use

Spray evenly on the object such as a mask.

Dilution concentration Undiluted solution to 2 times

Please pay attention

  • When using it for dishes or toys that may enter the mouth, please wash with water after use.


IngredientsPolyhexanid, pH adjuster, water