Bioallaroundband Increase QOL

Bioesperanza all-around band

Increase QOL

Various uses are possible
Moderate elasticity and elasticity fit the body,
By winding the belt around the body, it can be expected to improve hypothermia.


About Bioallaroundband

By applying the technology of marine rescue suits to protect lives even in extremely cold seas, it is devised so that the temperature of the body hardly escapes to the outside with the "warming force" close to the sun with a light-emitting emissivity of 86% of infrared rays.

How to use

Relax effect by winding around the head and neck, during long pc work, to prevent disturbance of posture by winding it around the thigh. It is also ideal for stretching such as pulling and stretching.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsNylon, polyurethane/ chloroprene rubber